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You can find helpful alerts and tools in MyAccount that make keeping to a budget every month a lot easier.

Energy Management Alerts
Know what to expect before your bill arrives.
  • Budget Alert: Set a monthly budget and we'll let you know if it looks like you could go over, so you have time to adjust.
  • Weekly Snapshot: Stay on top of your usage all year long with weekly email updates.
MyEnergy DashboardSM
Staying on budget has never been easier than with these visual tools. Check out a quick video to see how MyEnergy Dashboard can work for you. 
  • Usage Graph: See when you’re using the most electricity.
  • Bill Forecasts: Get a sneak peek of what your bill might look like.
  • Bill Comparisons: Changes in weather can cause spikes—see what’s impacting your bill.
  • Home Analysis: See how your usage compares to your neighbors'.

Sign up for Energy Management Alerts and check out MyEnergy Dashboard in MyAccount.

FYI: You need a smart meter to receive energy management alerts. Don’t have a MyAccount? Create one now.